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ACB, your historical VOLVO partner in the South East of Brussels and surroundings, - is pleased to invite you to discover our new range of mobility solutions in our new "Delta" location .The launch of our new Volvo dealership store in Delta coincides with the opening of our first "Mobility Store". The idea is to guarantee your mobility with Volvo as we usually do, and offering the range of new products. 


Moving to the city also means adapting to changes in your and our travel habits. This is especially true in Brussels. That is why we are now also offering new products and services as E-Bikes, E-Scooters and E-Mopeds. These devices are offered in electrically assisted versions only, as we wish to remain aligned with the idea to offer an easy way to move, environmentally friendly. 


In order to align ourselves with the VOLVO values of safety, quality and modern design, we have chosen to offer you other means of transportation in line with this philosophy. You will find solid products such as bicycles made in Switzerland, steps certified to German standards, Swedish scooters and folding bicycles made in Belgium. 


I wish you a pleasant virtual discovery of the Delta Mobility Store and invite you to join us at Delta. Our team will be happy to inform you in detail about each of our products, which you can try out on site.


We look forward to meeting you at the Delta Mobility Store by ACB and wish you many safe journeys with our product range




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